How To Add Friend In VRChat?

How To Add Friend In VRChat? VRChat is a popular virtual reality platform that allows you to interact with other users in a virtual environment? One of the key features of VRChat is the ability to add friends, which allows you to easily find and connect with people you’ve met in the virtual world. Here’s how to add a friend in VRChat.

How To Add Friend In VRChat?

Step 1: Find The User

The first step in adding a friend in VRChat is to find the user you want to add. You can do this by using the search function in the VRChat menu, which allows you to search for users by their usernames or display names. Alternatively, you can look for the user in the virtual world by exploring different areas and interacting with other avatars.

Step 2: Send A Friend Request

Once you’ve found the user you want to add, the next step is to send them a friend request. To do this, click on their avatar to open up their user profile. From there, click on the “Add Friend” button to send them a friend request. You can also send a friend request by clicking on their name in the user menu and selecting “Add Friend” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Wait For Acceptance

After sending the friend request, you’ll need to wait for the user to accept it. Once they’ve accepted your friend request, you’ll be able to see when they’re online and join them in any public or private world they’re in. You can also send them private messages and invite them to join you in different virtual environments.

Step 4: Manage Your Friends List

As you add more friends in VRChat, you may want to manage your friends list to keep track of who you’re connected with. To do this, open up the VRChat menu and click on “Friends” to view your current friend list. From there, you can remove friends, view their profiles, and see when they’re online.

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How Do I Find My Friends On VRChat?

When your friend is in the world, you can access them in the Social menu and click Join to join them, or “Req Invite” to request an invitation if they’re in an invite-only room.

How Do I Add Friends On Oculus Vr?

The fastest way to add friends is to open the Oculus Mobile app, choose the Social tab, and tap on the blue Add button at the bottom right of the screen, which allows searching your friends by user name.

Why Can’t I Search For Friends On VRChat?

If you open your menu, then click worlds, at the bottom you will see instances. If you click on one of those instances the picture on top will change. Then click go to visit the other instance. When you see your friend be sure to add them as a friend in the game.

Why Can’t I Find Anyone On VRChat?

You may have activated Safe Mode. To disable Safe Mode, open your Quick Menu and click on “Safety”. You’ll then want to pick a safety level like “Normal”, then click “Use This Shield Level” before closing your menu. Once the safety level is selected, you should be able to see and hear everyone in the room again!

How Many Friends Can You Add On Vrchat?

The 80 player limit is based on the current performance of VRChat and the limits of CPUs. It’s not something that can just be bumped up whenever people want it (obviously people want it), it would need a very good reason.

Does Vrchat Have A Friend Limit?

The 80 player limit is based on the current performance of VRChat and the limits of CPUs.


In conclusion, adding a friend in VRChat is a simple process that allows you to easily connect with other users in the virtual world. By following these steps, you’ll be able to find and add new friends in no time and build meaningful connections with people from all around the world.


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