How To Add Lights To Existing Concrete Steps?

Adding lights to existing concrete steps is a great way to enhance the safety and appearance of your outdoor space. Illuminated steps make it easier to navigate your stairs at night, and also add an element of style and visual interest to your home’s exterior. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to add lights to existing concrete steps in a few easy steps.

How To Add Lights To Existing Concrete Steps?

Step 1: Choose Your Lighting

There are several types of lighting options you can use to illuminate your concrete steps, including LED strip lights, recessed lights, and solar lights. Consider the style and design of your outdoor space when choosing the type of lighting you want to install.

Step 2: Plan The Layout

Before you start installing the lights, you’ll need to plan out the layout. Decide on the number of lights you want to install and where you want to place them. A common option is to place one light every 2-3 steps.

Step 3: Prepare The Concrete Steps

Before installing the lights, clean the concrete steps thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, or moss. This will ensure that the lights adhere properly and prevent any tripping hazards.

Step 4: Install The Lights

The installation process will depend on the type of lighting you choose. If you’re installing LED strip lights, simply stick the lights onto the concrete steps, following the layout plan you created. If you’re installing recessed lights, drill a hole in the step and place the light inside. For solar lights, simply stake the lights into the ground along the sides of the steps.

Step 5: Connect The Lights

Once the lights are in place, connect them to a power source or battery. If you’re using LED strip lights or solar lights, they will have their own power source. If you’re using recessed lights, you’ll need to connect them to a low-voltage transformer.

Step 6: Test The Lights

Once the lights are installed and connected, test them to make sure they’re working properly. Turn off the surrounding lights to get the full effect of the new lighting.

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Can You Add Lights To Concrete Steps?

A great solution is to install lighting into the vertical part of a stair, called the riser. Concrete step lights, or tread lights, fit right into the stairs and focus light downward onto the step immediately below it. They offer enough light for safety, but the light is subtle enough that it isn’t distracting.

How Do You Install Led Lights On Outdoor Steps?

Installing Outdoor LED Step Lights: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Determine the positions of your step lights. Plot the locations of your step lights. 

Step 2: Run the wire. 

Step 3: Strip the wire. 

Step 5: Match the polarity of the wires. 

Step 6: Mount the transformer. 

Step 7: Test the light.

Can You Put Led Lights In Concrete?

These LED lights are also often used on pool decks, walkways and steps, as well as to illuminate other hardscape and landscape features. They can be installed in not only concrete but also in brick and stone.

How Do You Light Outdoor Steps?

Consider LED accent lighting on the side of your deck posts, mounted about 18 inches above the deck. This will cast a soft glow downward, offering another source to safely illuminate steps and stairs. You can also install energy-efficient LED lights at low elevations along walls that run adjacent to stairs.


In conclusion, adding lights to existing concrete steps is a simple and effective way to improve the safety and appearance of your outdoor space. By following these easy steps, you can enhance your home’s curb appeal while making your steps safer and easier to navigate at night.


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