What Is Bronzong Weak Against?

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What Is Bronzong Weak Against?

Bronzong, the formidable Pokémon with a metallic exterior, has long been a staple in the competitive Pokémon battling scene. Known for its robust defenses and unique typing, this Psychic/Steel-type Pokémon has the ability to withstand a variety of attacks. However, every Pokémon has its weaknesses, and understanding them is crucial for trainers seeking to exploit these vulnerabilities in battle. In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Bronzong’s weaknesses, exploring the types and strategies that can penetrate its metallic armor.

Bronzong’s Typing:

Before delving into Bronzong’s weaknesses, let’s take a moment to understand its typing. Being a dual-type Pokémon, Bronzong is both Psychic and Steel. This unique combination grants it immunity to Poison-type moves and a resistance to Psychic, Flying, Bug, Rock, Grass, Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Normal, and Steel-type moves. While these resistances make Bronzong a formidable tank, its dual typing also exposes it to certain vulnerabilities that skilled trainers can exploit.

Bronzong’s Weaknesses:

  • Ground-type Moves: One of the most glaring weaknesses of Bronzong is its susceptibility to Ground-type moves. Being a Steel-type Pokémon, Bronzong is weak against Ground-type attacks, which deal double damage. Powerful Ground-type moves, such as Earthquake, can bypass Bronzong’s sturdy defenses and deal significant damage.
  • Fire-type Moves: Bronzong’s metallic composition makes it highly susceptible to intense heat, making Fire-type moves particularly effective against it. Fire-type attacks, like Flamethrower or Fire Blast, can exploit this weakness and inflict substantial damage on Bronzong.
  • Dark-type Moves: While Bronzong resists Psychic-type moves due to its Steel typing, it is vulnerable to Dark-type moves. Dark-type attacks, such as Crunch or Knock Off, can catch Bronzong off guard and chip away at its health.
  • Ghost-type Moves: Ghost-type moves can also pose a threat to Bronzong. While its Steel typing grants it resistance to Ghost-type moves, its Psychic typing leaves it vulnerable. Special Ghost-type moves, like Shadow Ball, can be effective against Bronzong.
  • Ground-Type Status Moves: In addition to direct Ground-type attacks, certain Ground-type status moves can hinder Bronzong. Moves like Spore or Sleep Powder, commonly associated with Grass-type Pokémon, can incapacitate Bronzong and disrupt its defensive capabilities.

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While Bronzong is undoubtedly a formidable Pokémon with excellent defensive capabilities, understanding its weaknesses is crucial for trainers looking to gain the upper hand in battles. Ground-type, Fire-type, Dark-type, and Ghost-type moves can exploit the chinks in Bronzong’s metallic armor, offering strategic opportunities for opponents. Trainers should consider these weaknesses when building their teams and developing battle strategies, ensuring a well-rounded approach to facing this iconic Psychic/Steel-type Pokémon.


What Is Super Effective Against Bronzong?

Fire and Ground. If it has Levitate, then just Fire. Best bet is an Infernape or Rapidash. If you don’t have any fire types, try catching an electric pokemon like Luxray or Raichu.

Does Earthquake Work Against Bronzong?

Earthquake is simply too popular a move to pass up an immunity to (and without the immunity, Bronzong will be weak to it). Needless to say, Bronzong stops being an effective counter to many opponents when it lacks an Earthquake immunity. Heat Proof: reduces the damage Bronzong takes from Fire moves by 50%.

Is Bronzong Powerful?

Bronzong sets itself apart from its Steel / Psychic type brethren Jirachi and Metagross with a great ability in Levitate, allowing it to check Ground-types as well as making it immune to Spikes.

Is Bronzong Break Rare?

This is of Rare BREAK rarity. From the XY Fates Collide set. You will receive the Holo version of this card.

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